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Our Team

Results, results, results

We are Karim and Serene and we have a combined total of 20+ years in the marketing world. 
We partnered up on a mission to help businesses get real results because we got sick and tired.
We got sick and tired of agencies that promise results for clients but can never fulfill them. We got sick and tired of agencies that lock clients in yearly only to deliver unsatisfactory work. We got sick and tired of agencies that do the minimum by using outdated strategies and tactics and blame the social media platforms for not getting any results. 
What drives us every day is the determination to generate real results for your business: getting you more customers and more sales.

Why One Second?

It only takes one second for a customer to stop scrolling and take action that can turn into a long lasting relationship.
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Our Mission

More Customers. More Sales.

Today's digital marketing world is evolving at light speed and getting positive results is becoming challenging for business owners and marketers.
Our mission is to solve real problems for our clients. We are laser-focused on delivering the only thing that actually matters to their business: driving customer acquisition and retention to increase sales.
While other agencies offer old strategies that are no longer effective, we work with industry leaders in the US to bring the latest social media strategies to Lebanon and the region.