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Based in Dubai, One Second Agency is actively disrupting the medical marketing ecosystem with innovative ways to enhance marketing and sales for doctors and clinics in the UAE and the Arab region.
We are successfully helping:
Doctors connect and engage with new patients on social media platforms ; and
Clinics weather the COVID-19 pandemic by effectively managing their marketing budgets and tracking KPIs to generate the greatest impact on sales across all digital channels.
Our team of 11 people delivers the full range of marketing services allowing our clients to grow their practice, by building a strong online presence and attracting new patients.



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One Second has partnered with, the largest healthcare platform in the GCC and MENA region to provide our clients with unrivalled marketing services with access to Sohati's expanded regional network and resources in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.


Our founder, Karim Mneimneh, is a creative and strategic marketing leader with over 15 years of experience in marketing agencies and tech startups.
Karim is passionate about marketing and enjoys mastering all aspects of the digital marketing world to create measurable results for his clients.
He has a successful track record of effectively working with over 50 small business owners sharing with them those strategies, techniques, and tools that consistently drive sales and deliver a return on investment.

Full Range Of Digital Marketing Services

What We Do For Doctors

    Personal Branding
    Facebook & Instagram Page Management
    Video Marketing
    Personal Website
    Medical Copywriting

What We Do For Clinics

    Facebook & Instagram Page Management
    Facebook & Instagram (Lead Generation)
    Google Maps (SEO)
    Google Ads (PPC)

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